Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Breakfast Club

I have returned from my respite, healed in body and partly in mind , though the memories of what I had witnesses in that cabin in the woods still trouble me. During this time my comrades have returned from Beckett where more strange and dangerous happening were uncovered. As our investigations of the unusual and unexplained have grown so we have had perchance to become aquainted with like minded persons of similar inquisitive natures...

We have all been members of The Breakfast Club for just over a month.
The Boston chapter has been our closest house and we have indulged in nearly every event they have staged. Dinner parties. Wine tasting. Art appreciation. And the most interesting is Story Time.
We hear from other members of their exploits. Some seem farfechted. Damn right impossible. But everyone takes the time to listen and take it all in. We have got to know a few of the members. You chat and share a cigar or cigarette moment or two.

People come and go in the Chapter house. Some stay one night some stay for months. As long as your membership is paid you are free to do as you will, just you can't live there. Food is cooked every meal to order. Ms Penny Royale is always just a call away. Seemingly never having a day off or even sleep. Always cheery and with whatever local news to hand.

Meeting for 'Breakfast in Boston' has already become a saying amongst

Acquaintances, friends  (and possibly enemies) have already been made in the Boston Breakfast Club.

For myself there are three individuals who are of note:
Like:. Miss Louise Purl 28yrs redhead)- an artist and traveller who recently returned from visiting the hidden temples of India. Oliver and Louise seem to have a thing for each other.
Hate: Alan Halfmain , a big game hunter and 'adventurer'. Bore's oliver to tears of his tales of daring-do in Africa and south America.
Trust: Ms Penny Royale - this young lady works at The Breakfast Club, and has an uncanny knack to remember the patrons favourite breakfasts.

Like:Rose McGowan. My hopeful wee bonny lassy. Dark haired and blue eyed Irish beauty. Have been friends for as long as he can remember. Seamus is sweet on her, but has never plucked up the courage to share his true feelings.
Hate: Mr Ward Dexter Blake. One of the new Boston socialites and an avid Irish bigot. Has been campaigning to have all Irish removed from America since they arrived. Stirs hatred through speeches and papers at every opportunity. Has maligned Dah on many occasions.
Trust: Mr Sean Patrick O’Malley. Better known as “Dah”. Came to America with little more skills than how to push a mop, but rose to become an influence among the Boston Irish, much as shop stewards were viewed in the 70’s. Hates the new Boston socialites, particularly Ward Dexter Blake